How can I contact London Poverty Research Centre @ King's?

We would love to hear from you.  Please fill out our contact form

Where are the data in the raw files coming from?

All of the data contained in the files titled, "raw data" are taken from our master spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet can be accessed at the top of any search. The data is collected through data-sharing agreements with community partner organizations.

What is a "raw data" file?

A London Poverty Research Centre @ King's "raw data" file is an excel spreadsheet containing data (numbers).  All raw data files contain longitudinal data (data from a number of years).   These files are helpful if you are looking to access numbers and want to do your own anaysis.  

What is a trend report?

A London Poverty Research Centre trend report is a report which has taken the raw data on a particular topic and completed some analysis.  In these reports, you will find tables comparing the data across a number of years and highlights of key findings from the data.

How do I suggest data/research to the London Poverty Research Centre @ King's to include in the database?  

This is a community generated database and we need your partnership to share local data and research with others. In order to suggest data/research to be included in the London Poverty Research Centre @ King's database you must become a member.  Become a member by clicking on the "login" at the top right of the page and creating a user profile.  Once a member, you can upload/submit material for review by the London Poverty Research Centre @ King's.

How long does it take for my account to be approved?

We do this as quickly as we can, but it could take a couple business days.